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Shannon Rinnier, creator of OM DIVINE, is originally from South Jersey, NJ but currently resides in the D.C area. In September of 2015, after struggling with body image issues and depression for majority of her life, she committed to a two-week Plant-based diet that turned into a lifestyle overhaul, changing everything for her. A clear body, clear mind, and vibrant spirit catapulted her onto a completely unfamiliar, but extraordinary, journey concentrated around natural holistic health, herbal healing and consciousness.


She identifies as an empath and strives to promote the significance of self-care and how it is essential to elevate everything and everyone around you. In realizing that she IS everything that touches and enters her body and mind, she made it a priority to turn mindfulness into a way of life. She hopes that by sharing her personal journey, she can inspire, educate and uplift others who are also trying to figure it out and grow as they go.


OM DIVINE wants to assist you beautiful souls with tapping into your divinity by offering all-natural skin, hair and body care products, as well as alternative medicinal remedies, and knowledge for those pursuing self-healing and overall self-love. We show gratitude for everyone willing to embark on the expedition with us, especially people of color, and women of color in particular.